Support for Kristian Georgeault

Support for Kristian Georgeault
Action in Roazhon (Rennes)
Sunday, September 18th
An Oriant 12/09/05 19:45 by CARB

In a recent mail sent to Mister Nogrix, senator of Ille-et-Vilaine, the Breton independent activist Kristian Georgeault brings to the attention of all the senators and the representatives of Brittany the impossibility for his family to obtain prolonged visiting rights, contrary to current practice for the families of the Basque and Corsican prisoners.

The Breton political prisoner held at the detention center of La Santé in Paris is clearly a victim of discrimination; he obtains no answer to his repeated demands for an explanation. He asked the Anti-Repressive Coordination of Brittany (CARB) to diffuse this document.

The Anti-Repressive Coordination of Brittany and Emgannn ( Breton independent left) call for action in support of Kristian Georgeault. A demonstration will take palce on Sunday, September 18th in Roazhon (Rennes) in front of the Regional Direction of the prison services, rue Châtillon, at 3 PM to demand an immediate improvement in the conditions of detention of Kristian Georgeault by obtaining:
- three prolonged visiting rights a month,
- Kristian's return before Christmas to a penitentiary situated in Brittany, as stipulated in law, and
- his release on parole, which is also catered for in existing laws and has been a possibility for several months.

For the Anti-Repressive Coordination of Brittany, Claude Le Duigou, spokesman.

Kristian Georgeault's letter

« I hereby address all the Breton members of parliament to denounce the discriminatory practices against Breton families concerning visiting rights.

Indeed, the prisoners whose families live far away benefit from three prolonged visiting rights a month, notably the Basque and Corsican families. In spite of several demands through the correct channels and demands for an explanation for this infringement to the principle of equality, I have so far received no answer.

The distance separating me from my family makes it impossible for us to meet 3 times a week for normal visiting rights. It should be a matter of course that prolonged visits 3 times a month apply to our case.
I sincerely hope that you can suggest a valid reason for this situation. I do not think that the Breton families should be considered as second-class citizens.

I also hope that you will understand my demand. I assure you that it is very difficult to announce to one's family that we will not have the possibility of being together longer. »