Celtic League (06/08/04)

Alain Solé, the Breton detainee whose continued detention has been the subject of protest both in Brittany and the other Celtic countries, has been released.

News from Brittany, forwarded to the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League which has co-ordinated a Pan-Celtic support initiative for Solé and other Breton detainees, confirmed his release (on parole) today.

Solé's deteriorating health had been the subject of considerable concern and just ten days ago the Kernow branch sent delegates to a protest, in Lorient/An Orient, about his detention and that of others.

The Cornish Branch also organised a successful picket at the French Embassy in Dublin last August which was supported by delegates from various Celtic countries. Afterwards branch activist Rhisiart Tal-e-bot and the Celtic League Convenor, Cathal O Luain, met Embassy officials to express reservations about the situation in Brittany.

Whilst the decision to release Alain Sole is welcome the campaign on behalf of those still detained (see below) still goes on.

The issue of the prisoners is also sure to be high on the agenda at the Celtic League AGM later this year which will take place in Cornwall.

Those still detained are:
Stefan Philippe (due for release on September 17, 2004)
Paskal Laizé (seeking parole on medical grounds)
Kristian Georgeault

Bernard Moffatt
Secretary General