What next for Alain Solé



A demonstration held in Lorient/An Orient, Brittany last Sunday attracted more than 100 people in support of the Breton prisoner’s still being held in detention by the French authorities. In particular, Alain Solé was singled out for particular attention by the demonstrators who has refused all medical treatment since 19th July, despite suffering from diabetes. Mr. Solé’s refusal to accept treatment has been motivated in part by the successful over-ruling, by the state prosecution, of a promise of an early release under the French Kouchner Law.

Mr. Solé, who is now only asking to be transferred to a medical centre where he can properly treated, will hear this Thursday if the State authorities will allow him an early discharge, due to is ill health. Supporter’s of Mr. Solé, who has diabetes and has recently undergone major heart surgery, claim that his medical condition has been made worse as a result of receiving improper treatment while in jail.

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, from the Cornish Branch of the League, made the trip across to Brittany to attend the demonstration. While there he met a Cornish woman who had, independently, been motivated to attend the demonstration to show her support for Mr. Solé and the injustice he has experienced.

Bernard Moffatt
Secretary General

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