Breton militant for independence Stefan Philippe released this morning

Breton militant for independence Stefan Philippe released this morning
Press release from Brittany Co-ordination Against Repression

Saturday, October 2, 2004, 11 :11

Breton political prisoner Stefan Philippe was released this morning

Arrested on May 4, 2000 by French political police, Breton militant for independence Stefan Philippe was tried in March 2004 by the very special and very political assize court of Paris.

He was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment for three bomb attacks carried out by the Breton Revolutionary Army, which only caused material damage.

Accused, together with 3 other militants, of being involved in the tragic, magical and still very mysterious affair of Quévert, he was definitively declared not guilty on this particular case; the prosecution, taking orders from the French ministry of Justice, did not appeal the decision against him.

In a statement issued in May 2003, the “Quévert four” had denounced the “witch hunt against the Breton movement, and particularly left wing organisations fighting for independence” and strongly asserted “to be absolutely not involved in this action, whether for preparing or for implementing it”. The trial of May 2004 had totally held up to ridicule the investigation of the Quévert affair, carried out by examining judge Thiel.

After several consecutive refusals, Stefan Philippe had finally been allowed to spend a few hours out of jail last month.

He is also accused of being involved in the affair of Plévin, Côtes d’Armor, where explosives were stolen in September 1999.

For Brittany Co-ordination Against Repression
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